We had the annual Bug Run today up at Burger University, so Debbie and I headed up there, arriving just before 10am to help setup. Well, it seems several other people had the same idea, but earlier and everything was already setup when we got there. Thank you Louis and Candy for heading it up. The event was supposed to start at 11am, but several clubs showed up before and hung around since Burger University didn’t open for lunch until 11am. We had a lot of people come by to say hello and make a donation, but few it seemed actually wanted to go on the ride. We of course didn’t mind, and it was great to have a lot of people hanging around socializing. In the end, we did have about 10 riders go out to find bugs, and we did give away the trophies to well deserving riders. As you will see from the photos, the first place winner not only got a bug in the center of their headlight bulls-eye, but they actually got a flying insect leg that attached itself to the center of their bulls-eye and flapped around all the way back to us where we could clearly see what it was and where it was attached. Amazing. And finally, the best shots of the day (not) were taken by Debbie of Louis and I napping near the end of the day.