Our first annual Egg-Straveganza was held out at Bentwood event center today. Ernie generously donated his event facility for our egg hunt family event, so we had quite a crowd with all the club members and family members. There were four egg hunts for the different ages, and four sets of games for different ages as well. It was primarily organized by Beth and MiniMe, with lots of help from all the clubs for “tossing eggs”, stringing yellow safety tape, and general herding to keep the kids in bounds. The games seemed to be run exclusively by the Gypsys, and they did a great job. Hot dogs and juice boxes were provided for everyone as a light lunch and we mustn’t forget the bouncy houses themed after Spider Man and Sponge Bob Square Pants. It really was pretty wonderful.

After the Egg-Straveganza, we had the April UCOA meeting, which worked out perfectly since we were all there already. Of particular note was the US flag we used for the Pledge of Allegiance. It was provided by Bandido Lefty, and was one of the flags that flew over (I believe) Beruit (no, not Bengazi). You will have to get further details from Lefty, I won’t be able to adequately  convey his story about the flag. Suffice to say it was very special to all of us. Also of note, and a little embarrassing was the presentation of tubes of toothpaste to me by several clubs, after my (mild) complaining last month about Debbie not being able to find me the right toothpaste. It was quite funny. Thank you all. Ok, enough from me, here are the pictures;