Well, the weather isn’t very good today, with the rain an all, so I wandered over to CTHD (Central Texas Harley Davidson) in the car to see if I could find something interesting to take pictures of. The trip was definitely a success, at least from my standpoint. In particular because I found a fellow named Tony relaxing on the front porch of the store (in his own green folding chair). Seems Tony is kind of a fixture at CTHD. He comes over on Saturdays, mostly to watch whatever goes by. We struck up a conversation, and swapped stories for a while. Eventually I asked Tony if I could take his picture, to which he replied sure.  So, I shot a couple and managed to get a pretty good one I think. I offered to email it to him, but he said he doesn’t even have a computer. Hmm.. Well, then I offered to mail him a print, to which he agreed that would be fine. I did just order him a print, but it turns out it’s a bit bigger than he is expecting. We talked about an 8×10, but I wanted to send him a hard backed print that would stand up by itself without being frames. Turns out they only make them in 11×14. So, I hope he can find room for a big print.

After visiting CTHD, I stopped in at one of my favorite antique stores to wander around and look for more religious books for my collection. i didn’t find any, but I did manage to get a photo for my Facebook profile. I hope you like the pictures;