Today is the day, once every two years when all of us bikers go the the capital to visit out legislators and let them know we are a large unified voting block. One of the statistics we heard was that 80% of biker vote. Not bad for a bunch of independent thinkers. Well, anyway, we all show up and hear from our political leadership about the bill we are advocating, and then we go search (and I do mean search) out our legislators to talk about the bills. This session we are endorsing four bills. Two of them already have numbers, SB 288 – Traffic Filtering, SB 346 – The Dead Red bill. The remaining two are the Anti Profiling bill that is still being worked on, and finally a bill concerning the classification for “AutoCycles”, which are essentially three wheel cars.

After visiting our legislators, we headed to the cafeteria for some well deserved lunch.

I hope you enjoy the photos;