The Companeros MC had their 20th anniversary party today our at Bentwood Texas, which is actually an event center up in Georgetown. The theme was a BBQ Cook-off, which attracted 13 participants. You don’t need to ask if I had a good time, I think I like BBQ cook-offs even better than chili cook-offs. You don’t have to worry about the heat so much. That is not to say there wasn’t some spicy BBQ,there certainly was. I can’t say I tried every one of them, but I certainly tried my share, and they were indeed very taste. We probably had a couple hundred people, and there was plenty of BBQ to go around, I think there was even some left over at the end. Chicken, Pork loin, Ribs and brisket, all were top notch. There was also a peoples choice competition for the best side dish. I only saw a couple, but the were certainly worth mentioning. The first was BBQ fried egg-rolls, which Debbie and I both loved. This was admittedly an unusual choice, but the flavors were wonderful. The second side we had was actually the winner of the side dish competition, that is BBQ grilled corn, which was then cut off the cob, and seasoned up with some secret stuff. It had a bit of a kick to it, and was indeed worthy of winning peoples choice. In addition to the food, we had a great band, that rocked out for most of the afternoon. I made a recording of one of their songs, but unfortunately the sound was bad, so I won’t be publishing it. I need to learn how to do better video. Well, other than that, it was a great day. Thank you Bentwood for letting us use your facility, I is a wonderful venue.