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We attended the COC&I meeting today at the Roadhouse. We heard from our legislative warriors about the anti-profiling bill we are fighting for during the next legislative session. The reason there is a need for such a bill, is because we have repeatedly seen instances of motorcycle riders being asked to leave restaurants, bars and other establishments because they are wearing motorcycle vests or club patches. We have also seen even more serious cases, such as the Waco incident in May 2015, where police assumed that 200 motorcycle riders that got together for a political meeting were all involved in a skirmish that took place outside the event. But for the Grace of God, I and my wife would have been arrested as well, except that we arrived a bit late because of traffic. The really sad thing about that day, is that nine people died.

So, we are very serious about not wanting this to ever happen again, and one small way you can help, is to support the anti-profiling bill we are putting forward. We already have a sponsor, but we need signatures of support from any one that has been  part of, or even any one that has heard about motorcycle profiling occurring. If you have watched thew news in the last year, or read anything about Waco, you most likely know someone that was effected by this injustice.

Here is a link to go sign the petition. It will ask for your name, zip code and email address.

Click this link to sign the petition

If you would like to print out the petition page and take it to a  club meeting, download the pdf, print it and get the signatures.


You will then need to mail the originals to one of the COC&I officers listed here;

Region 1 – COC&I Officers

Chairman – Blackett Arms MC – “Bone” – bar@blackettarms.com

Secretary / Treasurer – Gypsy MC “Mini Me” – 512-845-5328 – lorakazi@gmail.com

Sergeant at Arms – TBD

Chaplain – HonorBound MM –  Frank McIlhaney – macw4c@gmail.com

Safety & Awareness Coordinator – “Red” – blessedd_2u@yahoo.com

Region 1 – C.O.I.R. Officers


Unit Commander – Richard “Woody” Wells – rwells15k@gmail.com

You only need to sign once, but we need everyones support for this important cause. Please sign, and have all your friends and relatives sign as well.

Thank you!

Here are some photos of the event today;