Well, Debbie and I got out of our frump, and decided to ride our bikes to the Sweat Hogs Rally up in Georgetown today. Of course, since we hadn’t ridden in a while, it took a while to get the bikes ready to go. Start Debbie’s FXR, let it puke oil (because it hasn’t been ridden in a month or more), put more (new) oil back in then Check the tires, they need air, so we pump them up, on hers and mine. Ok, ready to go. Elapsed time 45 minutes. The good news was, we started around 10:30, and we don.t need to be there till early afternoon.

It is only about a 15 miles drive up IH35 from our house to Hardtails, but since we didn’t want to drive with all the crazy on 35, we took the back way out Grand Avenue Pkwy, and up on 1460. Cut over at the Georgetown loop, and it drop us almost at Hardtails front door. The traffic wasn’t bad, and I don’t think we saw even one actual crazy. Overall, it was a pretty nice ride. The temperature wasn’t too bad yet, and we were able to keep moving so it felt good.

On arrival, we parked and wandered in. There was already quite a few people there, so we walked around saying hello to everybody, and of course mentioning that we were on the bikes. After all, it happens so rarely, it’s important to point it out. We bought our meal tickets, and then we found the Cake Walk table, and eyed some tasty looking cupcakes so Debbie purchased a couple of ticket for use later when the Cake Walk actually started running (walking?). We saw a vendor, and Debbie bought a couple of patches. By this time it is after 1 PM, so we decided to head over and get the pulled pork plates.

Everything went fine, until I managed to drop my full plate as I was trying to add some sauce to the sandwich. I was very embarrassed of course, but they took it all in stride, and whipped up another plate for me, which I was very careful not to drop. The sandwich was great, and it was accompanied by potato salad, beans and chips. It definitely hit the spot.

We saw Bandido Diablo, the owner of Talons Pottery, so we talked with him about the great visit we had with Nikki last week. Great people.

As the temperature was increasing, my energy level was decreasing so we headed inside to escape the heat and get a cool soda. After we finished that we headed over to Hog Alley so Debbie could replenish her supply of oil. We talked with our friends there for a bit, and then headed out to the bikes.

As we were getting ready to leave, Debbie remembered the Cake Walk ticket. So, we went in to see if they were running (walking) it yet. It turns out there still weren’t quite ready, so we asked if we could buy a cake to take with us. We negotiated a price, and we headed out to the bikes with our cake. On the way we saw Bandido Smokey and who volunteered to help us eat it, but we told him we were saving it for church tomorrow and he let us go.

We drove home the way we came, avoiding IH35. Arrived home safely, but totally exhausted by the heat. I guess I’m not the biker I used to be, but praise God we made it and we were on the bikes. Oh, and the cake made it too with only minor damage, which Debbie was able to mostly correct.