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We headed out to the Dark Horse anniversary party around 10 this morning, thinking we could have a leisurely drive out to Kingsland,and that we might be able to look around for possible retirement property on in that area. As it turns out God has a somewhat different plan. We didn’t have any problems, but as we were approaching the 1431 intersection on 29, where we should have turned down to head to Kingsland, Debbie said “Look there’s Talons Pottery!”….. Fortunately I wasn’t going very fast, so I was able to slowdown and turn into the drive at the store. I had been wanting to visit them for some time, but I didn’t know where they were really, so this was a happy surprise. As I said, we were early, so we had lots of time to go in and visit with Nikki and get the grand tour of the store and how each piece was made. She warned me I had to remember each one, and that there would be a test later. I remember something about tossing fire hot pottery into a garbage can full of wood chips, but after that I got lost. I think I flunked the test. Anyway, we had a great visit.

After a while, we headed on to Kingsland, but somehow missed the 1431 turnoff and kept going on 29 for another 20 miles before Debbie said something about the distance to our destination getting farther instead of shorter. We turned around and headed back, and still managed to arrive to the party in a timely manner.

The fellowship was top notch, and the food was out of this world. They were serving fried catfish with a side of chicken and all the fixings, and I do mean all the fixings. The catfish was certainly exceptional, fried, light, tender, not greasy, and not fishy. I would have had seconds, but after first, I was stuffed. Oh, for desert, they served a peach, apple and cherry cobbler that really topped off the meal.

Finally, after socializing for a bit, we headed toward home, and I let Debbie drive so I could nap.