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Well, we had two activities today, the first stop was at the Roadhouse for the Shalah Dame Benefit for lunch. They had a fish fry, and I must say it was the best fried fish I have ever had. It was really great. Congratulations to who ever was doing the frying, they deserve an award. Next, we headed up to Hardtails in Georgetown for the final stop of the Tornados MC Jug Run. We dropped in briefly to Hog Alley to say hello to friends and then headed next door to Hardtails to visit with more friends for a bit. The music was definitely kicking, just a duet with a guy on guitar and a woman on drums and singing’, gut they were really pretty good. After saying hello to everyone, we were starting to melt in the heat so we headed home to the AC. I guess we are the hit and run wimpy kind of bikers. Oh, well, it’s all good. See you down the road.