It has been said that “They will know us by our love”.

Love is the answer, not my love, but God’s Love through me. Another way to say it is; As the dude abides, the dude also loves.

For Freedom Alone

During the Blitz people in the cities which were bombed to rubble (no, London wasn’t the only city to suffer this) would hide in shelters.
In cities like London and Glasgow where there was an underground railway they would shelter there, deep underground.
Even there they were aware that the bombing was still going on, but some said that, for a time, they could experience safety.
They felt able to believe, even for a moment, that they were personally safe in their place of shelter.
There was no moment, however, when they felt peace.
Peace could be described as “an absence of hostilities”; safety as “an absence of imminent danger”.
They could feel that danger was not imminent, but hostilities still raged.
After the war, when peace had been established, many still lived with no sense of that peace in their daily lives, as they needed a…

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