This is a pretty good argument that judging other people makes us Pharasees.

For Freedom Alone

When a new young Rabbi came to Jerusalem to teach he caused quite a stir.
He had things to say which no one had heard before and light to shine on things they had. Many of the people were interested in what he said and open to learning. Many were only interested in the miracles he performed and his teaching went over their heads.
But others were out to kill him.
The interesting thing is, the ones who hated him and wanted to silence him; the ones who said “rubbish!” to his every word, who laughed behind his back and said “Fool! What does he know?” were the ones who were teachers or thought they were.
These people had no interest in sheperding the people, they were only interested in being the focus of public attention. They were fearful and insecure, they were hard hearted and deaf.

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