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Today we are working the Hospitality tent, which I will say, isn’t exactly hard. But, it does get kind of hot being out in the weather all day. Fortunately it was only in the low 90’s today, but I got pretty exhausted by mid-afternoon, so I went to the Thunder Dome for a  little nap. Falling asleep isn’t easy in all that light, and with continuous music playing, on those hard aluminum benches, but I managed to do it for about 20 minutes. As Debbie says, I can fall asleep anywhere. Not quite true of course, but I do like my naps. As far as activities today, we did have a fair number of visitors to the Hospitality tent, and so we provided cold water to all that were willing to come under the tent. I even promised some people I wouldn’t hit them with the Bible. They thanked me. Oh, one oddity was that when we were leaving the rally for the evening, I saw a very nice wheel and tire leaning against a tree in the parking are. It looked pretty valuable, but I left it where it was. There is one of my enhanced photos of it at the end of the collection.