We headed over to the New Goal Post for lunch, and to join the party put on by Karibenos MC and Roughstock RC. The highlight was supposed to be the Sumo Wrestling, but I think that got knocked down a notch by the downpour that came in around 1:30pm. Fortunately there was lots of cover so everyone just got out of the rain and waited for it to pass. All except the Sumo Wrestlers of course who managed to get pretty wet. It was all in fun though, and you can see a clip at the link below. The food by the way was brisket and sausage places with all the fixing, and the brisket was really very good, and the portions were large, so not I get to have some for lunch tomorrow. Seems like everyone had a great time, though I did hear someone slid out in the rain. I pray there weren’t injured. Be careful out there.