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Well, we are home from the Lukenbach rally, and exhausted. I guess that is the way it’s supposed to be 🙂 We went out Saturday, to support Don and Susan who provide the Sunday church service every year at this time. It always lands on the same day as Run For the Son. Anyway, we drove out and got to rest up from our long arduous drive (LOL) in the CMA Hospitality tent that was graciously provided by the Lampasas CMA chapter. Stan and his wife were there to “man” the tent, and certainly did a good job of providing cold water, coffee and shade for the weary travelers. We got to go out and eat a couple of times with Don and Susan, so you will get to enjoy some of our photographic excitement in the form of viewing the biggest fried bologna sandwich I have ever seen. Eventually, we prepared to go home since we didn’t have a room reservation, but on a lark we stopped at the first motel we encountered and they had a room. As Debbie will tell the story, I talked them into charging us more than we needed to pay,, and did enjoy a very quaint little 50’s era room with fully color coordinated sheets and blanket. Clean, comfortable, and good AC. We were pleased. Finally, after the service, we headed home. What a Mother’s Day weekend!