For the past several years we have been going to the COC&I State Rally on this weekend, so this year we decided to go to the TMRA State Rally that always seems to happen on the same weekend. The TMRA State rally has been held in Comanche Texas for the last several yeas, and it seem Comanche loves us, cause they always go out of their way to give us a great weekend. The rally is held in City park, which is well maintained, and has lots of room for camping. We were expecting great weather this year, so attendance was pretty good. Unfortunately we almost got rained out when an unexpected storm rolled in on Saturday. But it all worked out fine. The real rugged riders went on the Saturday ride, and the rest of us huddled around the fire…. Wait, there wasn’t any fire cause everything was wet. Some of us though went to Dollar General and bought some warmer cloths so we wouldn’t freeze. Fortunately the weather cleared up Saturday afternoon, just in time for the Bike Games, and believe it or not the grass dried out enough so Don could use his line painter so the riders would know where to go for the games. All in all I think everyone had a pretty good time.

Sunday music video part 1

Sunday music video part 2 (sorry about the wind noise)

Sunday sermon

WARNING: If you get upset at the site of a confederate flag, you might want to skip the last half dozen photos in the civil war era cemetery.