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We had our annual Bug Run today up at Burger University in Georgetown. We had a very good turnout. I counted 14 of the clubs that are part of UCOA, and of course some from TMRA, a couple of CMA chapters, and several independents riders as well. Oh, and the burgers from Burger University were great too. They opened up at noon, so by then we had quite a crowd outside waiting for lunch. I think we almost filled them up.

The second volume of my Moments book “Moments 2” has been published, so I was privileged to distribute a bunch of copies to most everyone that attended. If you didn’t happen to make it to the Bug Run today, then don’t worry, I have many more copies and I will be bringing them to UCOA in a couple of weeks.

And finally, here is a short video you won’t want to miss; Not too serious