We all know Bandido Smokey. He is like a fixture in our community. He attends most of our events, and he is always a light even in a dark bar. As many of you know Smokey doesn’t see very well, but that hasn’t stopped him from driving his golf cart around at more than one event. You might wonder how Smokey can get around, and I will tell you that he is able to because of his brothers and their assistance. So, why do you think the Bandidos continue to support and provide for this nearly blind over 70 year old biker? Well, it might in part be because everyone has come to love Smokey, but a lot of the reason I believe, has to do with their respect for a life well lived. Smokey was one of the first Bandido prospects in the Austin area, about 46 years ago. That is a long time to be a Bandido, so I think it is fair to say he has earned his stripes.

Recently Smokey has turned another difficult page in his life. His kidneys have stopped working, and he had to make a decision about whether to have dialysis, or to call it quits. You probably don’t think of Smokey as someone who gives up easily, but he has told me on more than one occasion that he is fully ready to meet his Maker. He has even had a statement written up about not using any extreme measures to keep him alive. So you might say this was a difficult decision for Smokey. As it turned out Smokey’s decision was made a little easier when he was at an event about a week ago and he started to get wobbly and dizzy. Apparently Bandido Doug saw him and told someone to take him to the hospital. Smokey says; “You don’t say no to Bandido Doug”.

When Debbie and I visited Smokey in the hospital Friday, he was in good spirits and feeling pretty good. While we were there a nurse came in and told him he was going to be discharged the next day after one more treatment. After that, he will be scheduled for dialysis three times a week. You might wonder how Smokey will get to dialysis three times a week, but that will be taken care of by his brothers and friends. While we talked, Smokey said he didn’t think God was done with him yet. So I guess he will be sticking around for a while.

Oh, and there’s one more thing he said I want to share with you. He said; “I have turned my whole life over to God, so if I do something wrong don’t blame me, blame Him” Then he laughed. That is what I want, to belong to God completely, how about you?