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Our plan was to follow along behind the chapter on the ride out to Rockdale this morning on the way to lunch at Lee’s Landing. Before heading over to see the chapter at HEB, we stopped at McDonalds and encounters a group bikers from Fallen Saints MC, headed down to a COC&I meeting in San Antonio. We had a nice talk for a few minutes, and then Debbie prayed over them for safety on their ride. We headed over to get breakfast and drove out to HEB to meet the rest of our group. Several members of the Georgetown CMA chapter (Holy Ghost Riders) met us as well, and after putting some air in one members tires, we prayed and headed out the back way to Rockdale. We stopped somewhere about half way for a “break”, and Louis got to minister to a Quick Stop employee by performing some much needed plumbing. Thank you Louis! After getting back on the road, we managed to catch a train at just the right time for another pause, then it was on to Rockdale and Lee’s Landing for some much needed lunch. After lunch, everyone headed back, but Debbie and I stopped at the local antique mall for some browsing and a few artsy photos.

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