I wonder sometimes if I fully rely on God for my safety, protection, and salvation in the midst of the turmoil I find myself in, be it in life, work, or even as it relates to Waco. It is pretty easy for me to say I trust in God, but then go off and do what I want. It is my desire that fully trust Him, but somehow I find it very easy to just jump in and takeover. Fortunately, I am learning how to listen to God.

I’ll give you an example. Sunday morning, Debbie and I stopped in at McDonalds for breakfast before heading off to church. As we were in line, there was a homeless man in front of us ordering coffee. Debbie nudged me and said we should buy him breakfast. I said Go for it, and let her get in front of me. She asked if we could buy him breakfast, and he said; “Oh, no, I’m fine, I’m just getting coffee while I wait for my ride to church in a few minutes”. Debbie was stunned that someone would turn down a free breakfast. Then he offered us a discount card for breakfast at IHOP where he said we could get some “real food”. We declined, but assured him that we did regularly go to IHOP. He got his coffee, and said “God bless you” and walked away.

After we got our breakfast and went over to a table to eat, it occurred to me that I could have given him one of my books, so I headed out to the car figuring I could probably find him before his friend picked him up. As I reached into my trunk for a book, something in my head said “get two books”. I paused for amount and said to myself why would I want to get two? Then it occurred to me that I should listen to that first voice, so I picked up two books and head back inside.

I found the same man back at the counter getting a refill on his coffee and as he finished I walked over to him and mentioned I was a chaplain with the biker community and I would like to give him one of my books. He gladly accepted it and headed off to catch his ride.

As I headed back to our table, I noticed there was another homeless man sitting at a corner table. He got up as if to leave so I walked over to him and asked if I could buy him breakfast. He said; “oh, no, he may be homeless, but he does have a job”. He then pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket to prove the fact. We had a nice talk, and when I offered him one of my books, he accepted it gladly. Later before we left I saw him reading it.

So, clearly Sunday morning was filled with miracles. Two homeless men turned down free food, I gave away two books, and I learned another lesson from God in how to listen for Him in my head. Oh, and I was incredibly bless in the process.

It is amazing to be used by God. I’m listening for that little nudge, are you?