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Out New Life Riders had planned a chapter ride today out to Hoover Valley Cafe in Burnet, and of course it is quite brisk out, in the low to mid 30s. But we did manage to get several “real” bikers out on this cold morning, though Debbie and I came in the car. We started at Rudy’s on 183, and proceeded through a fairly convoluted route. We followed in the car part way, but then we decided to take a short cut up 183 to 29. I was planning to arrive early for a nice relaxing drive. Of course things don’t always work out as planned, so after we arrived at the restaurant, nice and early, I realized I had left my phone at the gas station stop about 10 miles back. So, we head back hoping (and praying) it would still be there, and it was, right where I left it. Then we high tailed it back to the restaurant, and arrived shortly after the bikes arrived, and just in time to order for lunch. The food was good, so I can heartily recommend Hoover Valley Cafe if you need a place to stop for lunch near Park Road 4.