A couple of weeks ago y’all no doubt read that Calaveras Stonewall and Jessica Tolson were in a motorcycle accident. Stonewall got kind of beat up, and Got beat up even worse. They are both recovering, but they have doctor bills to pay so the benefit today was to help them out. It is what we do. Jim the manager at Texas Mist provided the fajita chicken meat and Calaveras MC BBQed it up to make fajita plates and we had music, raffle and silent auction to fill out the activities. I went over to take some pictures of the guys at the Boxing machine, and somehow got talked into taking a swing at it myself. I can’t say I got a very high number but I gave it a try. the good news is I didn’t break or pull anything in the process. Of course they had to take my picture. As I look at the pictures, I notice that Calaveras Carpenter somehow managed to get into several of my shots. i think he must have been following me around. Good job Carpenter! And finally, one of the auction items was one of those Share The Road signs, and I just had to bid on it. I did win it, so now we will have to find a good place to display it. I thought about putting it in the back window of Debbie’s car, but it turns out that sign is bigger than I thought. Maybe the front window of the house! Anyway, it was a great time, and I’m sure we helped out Stonewall and Jessica a bunch.