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We went to the Latin Steel benefit on this rainy day. I was a little concerned about how much participation they would get in such inclement weather, but i needn’t have been concerned,, as lots of people came out in support. As is their norm, Latin Steel served up some very good Taco Plates. I saw a post from Doris last evening, looking for 1000 taco shells, and I guess she found them cause there didn’t seem to be any shortage. Along with food, they also had a twice an hour raffle drawing, impromptu arm wresting, and though they couldn’t get the guys to come up and dance to the song YMCA, some of the women did volunteer. It was entertaining to say the least. Good people, and good fun.

Now, about the photos. I took the wrong camera for an indoor event, so I apologize that some of them are kind of blurry. I will try to do better next time.