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My first stop today was up in Nolanville at the Pit Stop where UCOW was holding a benefit for the Families of those affected by the Waco Incident. This was my first time to visit the Pit Stop, and it’s pretty nice. They have a meeting area inside, and a large stage and performance area out back. There were lots of clubs there, and amazingly (my sarcasm) everyone was getting along fine and enjoying the music and BBQ plates. I met several new people, chatted with some old friends and just generally enjoyed the layer back atmosphere. As I was heading out, I spoke with the owner who changed me for coming out, and appreciated this was for a good cause. We spoke briefly about the apparent lack of police presence, and he said the Nolanville bikers have a good relationship with the local police. On my way out I stopped by the local police station, and in the last photo you will notice that most if not all of Nolanville’s police cars were safely tucked away at the station. I guess they were busy with more important matters.

UCOW = United Clubs Of Waco