I attended the Renatus Sweat Hog rally in Georgetown this afternoon, and had some very good BBQ and of course the music was first notch. It was pretty laid back, so I got to relax and spend some time just talking with several friends. The common theme of our conversation seemed to be along the line of “where is Debbie?”, to which I answered “visiting relatives in California”. Then they wanted to know if I was out partying and would I need to be asking for forgiveness later. I assured them that God had a hedge around me (as I motioned with my hands, making a circle around me), and “I don’t see anything”. It was indeed a pleasant and relaxing event. At the end I went back to Hog Alley to visit with Lisa and the owners. They are really good people. Oh, and I bought Debbie a new bulb for her bikes headlight that had a burned out low beam. Then it was time to head home and relax for a while.