We had the Christian Unity meeting this evening at our usual location Bill Miller’s BBQ. Me had a good meeting, with a little light attendance, I suppose some people didn’t remember we were meeting right after the holiday. We did have the group from the Killeen area, so we certainly weren’t lonely, and the BBQ was good as usual. Our Bible discussion revolved around Philippians 2:12-19. In particular I noted verse 14 where it says; “Do all things without murmuring or disputes.” I find this verse interesting because I sometimes find myself getting irritated at someone (not any of you naturally) and I am tempted to say something “unhelpful”. What I am learning is that if I use those moments as a trigger to look to Christ for my peace, then I can turn away from the temptation and avoid the pitfall that has been placed right in front of me. In other words, give my stress to Jesus and let him work His will in the situation. I don’t always do this, as some you no doubt know, but when i do it is much less stressful for me and those around me. Ok, enough preaching, on with the pictures;