After our pause for a nap at home, we headed over to Hanovers to the Summer Sizzle. We arrived a little later than usual because of our morning activity, and the subsequent pause to recover a bit. Everything was in full swing at Hanovers when we arrived. No problem though, we still managed to find a parking place (in the shade no less), and headed in to visit with friends and get something cool to drink. Soda in our case, but it worked very well to quench my thirst. This year, the Sizzle was more than very well attended, it was packed. There had to be over 500 people, counting inside and out. Isn’t it amazing that you can get 500 bikers together from 75 different clubs and not have any fights, or whatever. Big thank you to Hanovers for not chickening out. I’m sure they did very well today. There was raffle drawing, silent auctions, and live auctions with several very popular items. A friend (and fellow photographer), Tilt donated a couple of  canvas mounted 16×20 photos that went for a very good price at the auction. Congratulations Tilt. The first band started around 4pm, and I must say they were really good. I do wish I had brought my ear plugs, to control the volume, but they still sounded great from outside. As usual, we didn’t stay for the whole party, so we headed out around 6pm for home with our usual stop at DQ for a Blizzard. Ok, enough from me, here are the photos;