Yes, Debbie and I finally got the bikes out of storage… I mean the garage, and went out for an early morning breakfast ride. We didn’t go far, just to the Star Cafe in Round Rock, but a couple of things stand out about this ride. First, they have a free parking garage right next door where our bikes can sit in the shade, and since it’s right next door, and in the morning, we had a shady walk from the garage to the restaurant. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Second, since I needed to document this momentous occasion, being out on the bikes and all, we took photos of each other through the Star Cafe front window, which led to a very nice chat with “Jim” who I met outside the cafe. Seems Jim is visiting the area, but is a motorcycle enthusiast as well. He showed me some pictures of his custom trike with a Porche V6 engine that looks like it would be more comfortable on Bonneville Salt Flats, sort of long and low with what looks like a rocket engine port out the back. The port is really for the fan that helps keep the Porche engine cool, but it really looks cool. Anyway, I have included a photo of him that I already email out so he can have something to remember from our encounter.