Well it’s Wednesday, and the ROT Rally registration has begun. Debbie and I won’t be working ROT this year, but we went out to meet our chapter president to deliver some rag tracks that Debbie had folded for the hospitality tent. Be sure and stop by for yours, they are free as usual. While we were there, we stopped by at registration to see a few of our many fellow CMA members that were working registration this evening. I guess Wednesday is the time to go register, cause there weren’t many people in line. I did see a couple of my club friends, in particular Bandido Smokey happened to enter to get registered while we were there. It is always good to see Smokey. On the way out we saw the 20th Anniversary ROT Bike. I’m not sure what you have to do to get it, but it was very pretty. It is going to be a HOT ROT RALLY!!