As Debbie has sometimes says, “Let the adventure begin!”. I got a call Saturday evening from a Bill. Bill is one of our long time chapter members, and he had just purchased a Victory Vegas 8-Ball from a fellow in Florida. So, naturally Bill decided to fly out and ride it home. Wow, was that a questionable decision. You see, as most of you know, the weather between Austin and Florida has been terrible the past week, and more was predicted for this weekend. But, Bill is tough, so off he goes late last week to buy the bike and drive back. Well, to make along story a little shorter, Bill has a minor difficulty in Lafayette Louisiana with a turn into a driveway that happened to have a 4 inch drop off he didn’t see before hitting it. As you can imagine, He fell over at essentially zero MPH. The bike is fine It has some really nice “crash” bars. Bill on the other hand isn’t so fine. He has some serious pain in his right shoulder. Well, Bill is tough right? So, he drives the bike to a hotel for the night and gives me a call. He tells me what happened, and we pray for healing for whatever happened to his shoulder and he goes to bed for the night hoping he will be all better in the morning. Unfortunately God didn’t decide to heal bill that night so in the morning, still in major pain he drives the the bike to the emergency room. They tell him he has a broken collar bone and he is going to need surgery to fix it. At this point is is clear he is definitely not riding, so as I was about to head out for Church Sunday morning I get another call. Long story slightly shorter, Kinny (another chapter member who enjoys long road trips) and I head out around 2 pm in his huge Dodge truck pulling a 16 foot trailer that is setup for bike hauling. Can you say 11 MPG? About 6 1/2 hours later (Kinny used to drive BIG truck, and he drove the whole trip) we arrive at Bill’s plush hotel room (otherwise known as the emergency room), and of course it is raining. So, we find the hospital main entrance (away from the emergency room, in case there are any actual emergencies), and I ride Bill’s bike in the rain with no riding gear about a block around to the main entrance. I’m sure Bill could have ridden it, but hey, he does have a broken collar bone. We load his bike up without any difficulty, and head back. After we drove through Houston we found a Denny’s to stop in for an early breakfast (it’s now midnight). I haven’t been to a Denny’s in ages, but their Pecan Pancakes are still great, especially “smothered” in Maple syrup (sorry Debbie). Back on the road again around 1:30 am, with clear weather and dry roads we finally arrive in Austin around 4:30 am to deliver Bill home, and I made it home and to bed just before 5:30 am. So here I sit, at noon, posting stuff on the inter-web. Ok, “Let the adventure end” 🙂