A friend asked about what happened in Waco yesterday, so I thought I would send out a blanket reply;
Debbie and I were planning to be there early, and have lunch at Twin Peaks, but God gave us a 3 hour drive that prevented us from arriving until about 30 minutes after it all happened. Apparently there was mail truck turned over on IH35 in Temple, and all of the clubs from Austin were stuck in the traffic jam and were protected from being involved. We did arrive eventually, and were able to speak with several of our friends outside the police controlled area, but really it was just rumors at that point. Debbie was also led to speak and pray with the mother of one of the club members that were killed. They were not from our area. We left after an hour or so, It was clear that it was going to go on all day and we wouldn’t be able to talk with anyone inside.
This was supposed to be a political gathering, where all the clubs and independents come together in support of motorcyclists rights. We are often counseled about respect for each other so this sort of thing doesn’t happen. We were not even aware that there was a conflict brewing in Waco, much less at that specific restaurant.
News reports seem to think that hundreds of bikers were descending on Waco for some sort of brawl, but nothing could be further from the truth. We have had these sort of meeting for years in Austin, without incident.
Very sad day. Please be in prayer for everyone involved.

Tom Zimmer

New Life Riders (CMA)
Chaplain, UCOA