Saturday is the primary day for the rally, we have sub committee meetings starting around 11am, and then the main meeting at about 4pm to draw the winner of the bike. All of our concerns about the weather didn’t materialize, and we had a nice day Saturday, with only a single spritz of rain drops early afternoon. At the drawing for the 1988 harley Davidson FXR. After a series of people picked their successor to pick yet another person, eventually someone was finally selected to draw the winning ticket, which was Calaveras MC was. I believe I heard that they will use the bike to raise money for their club, and in the mean time someone will be assigned to ride it to events. The live music started just after 6pm, and around 7pm, we decided to go to a local Hondo landmark for dinner. We arrived, and I guess no one was surprised that there was a 30 minute wait. We got in quick enough, and partook of their “special”, which was a ground sirloin patty filled with cheese and green peppers. It was indeed very tasty. After dinner, we headed back to the rally to see the Fire exhibition at 9pm. Unfortunately our timing was off, and we missed it. We hung around a while to listen to the final band, and then headed back to the hotel to recover some energy for the services on Sunday.