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I got off work a bit early so Debbie and i could head down to Sam’s Town Pont for the memorial for Bandido James. I must say I clearly didn’t get off early enough to beat any of the traffic, but I guess an hour to go from north Austin to South Austin isn’t too bad. Anyway I did enjoy having the opportunity to take a photo of the train as it was slowly driving by in the opposite direction as we sat in traffic. When we arrived at our destination, we had no problem finding a parking place, so I guess we were early enough. Not that attendance was light, it wasn’t. Motorcycle parking was available, with road guard duty courtesy of the Companeros. It was a good think that the “party” lasted from 2pm till 10pm, cause we saw pretty much a continuous stream of bikes arriving and later leaving, to make room for more people to arrive. Food was provide, with a pretty good selections of various types of salads, and casseroles. I managed to get the last scoop of a potato, cheese, corn flake topped casserole, and it was very tasty. We did of course talk to lots of people, and express our condolences to the family. I must say that the atmosphere while somewhat subdued, was certainly punctuated with laughter and lots of pleasant conversation. We are all sad that James is no longer with us, but we were able to hear stories about him being shared, which is a good thing. I don’t know if God has a race track, but if there is a race track test team, I am sure James is on it. Go James.