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We went to the NCOM Region 2 meeting in Austin yesterday at the Crown Plaza. We were hoping for really good attendance, and I think we exceeded out expectations. The weather was pretty cold, and it turned rainy Saturday, but we more than filled the meeting room space available. We heard a bunch of good speakers, including TX Senator Brian Birdwell and TX Representative Tony Tinderholt. We heard about the “Dead RED” bill that we will be pushing forward, and the Texas Legislative Strike Force was introduced, that will be a structural replacement for TMRA2. Recruiting or representatives for the TLSF began, and we hope to get two representatives from each NCOM region. In addition, we will be working closer with ABATE, Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition, and others to present a unified front to our legislators.

Debbie and I also worked with the NCOM Christian Unity group to provide a 24h/day hospitality room during Friday afternoon through Sunday Morning. Coffee, tea, soda, snacks and meals were available to all attendees, from cookie, donuts and sandwiches, to homemade chili Friday evening with chips and nacho cheese, to BBQ Brisket plates with fixin’s Saturday afternoon. Everyone had a great time. Special thank you to the Pleasant Hills children’s home in Fairfield Texas, for providing the gallons of Nacho Cheese. Wow, biker do love cheese!

I recorded video of last part of Senator Birdwell’s presentation, and also videos of the CMA Sunday service. here are links to those videos on Facebook. You don’t need a Facebook account to view them.

TX Senator Brian Birdwell

NCOM Sunday Service – Don’s music part 1

NCOM Sunday Service – Don’s music2

NCOM Sunday Service – Robin’s song

NCOM Sunday Service – Don’s Sermon

And finally, here are my photos of the NCOM Region 2 meeting in Austin Texas;