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Debbie and I went up to Belton this morning for the Sunday service and TMRA General Membership Meeting at Dead Fish Grill on the lake. As usual, Don gave a great service. Then we had the meeting, and after the meeting we had lunch there at the Dead Fish Grill. I had the BBQ Burger, which was pretty good. Before the Sunday service started, we got a chance to play on the kiddy spin around thing, and I got some good shots of Debbie playing. I’ll just include one to give you a sense of  what Debbie play is like 🙂

Update: Here are the videos of the CMA Sunday Service presented by Don Potter before the General Membership Meeting; Enjoy!

IN THE HIGHWAYS – Ridin’ with my Lord


Bless the Lord, O My Soul “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)”

Sunday Sermon, Dead Fish Grill, TMRA General Membership Meeting