Truly the weather today is just too nice to stay home, so Debbie aired up her tires and we headed out on the bikes to Pecan Street Station in Pflugerville for breakfast. Being Saturday morning, I figured it would be super crowded, and it certainly looked like they had a full parking lot when we pulled in, but we did find a parking place, and when we got inside, there was no problem finding a place to sit. After we ordered, got out coffee, and sat down, it seemed like our breakfasts arrived almost instantaneously. Talk about a fast kitchen. The table service was attentive, and of course the food was top notch. No complaints, and I will definitely go back. After we finished, we headed over to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts supply for what I call a “pig tail”, which is the short cable that connects to your motorcycle battery and makes it easy to plug in a float charger. Since we don’t ride much, we have been having problems with the bike batteries running down, and this solves the problem. I have had one on my bike for a while, and it’s very convenient. We met a very nice “parts person” at O’Reilly’s who was very happy to help us, and even more pleased when they actually had what we were looking for. High fives all around, and a picture to remember the occasion. I love talking pictures 🙂

Oh, and one more thing. Notice there are two pictures of my lovely Debbie. The first one shows how she really feels when I take her picture, and the second is how she looks when she is pretending she likes it. It’s is hard being the wife of PhotoBubba 🙂