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Our second stop was closer to home, at the Austin Event Center for the Calaveras MC Annual Coats for Kids benefit. By the time we arrived, everything was well underway. Seems we missed the first music artist who played acoustic guitar and harmonica. We heard he was pretty good. Fortunately, when we arrived, another group who were sort of Rock Rappers were firing up. Ver high energy and quite entertaining. The lead singer had long dreadlocks, and he was shaking them around pretty good while performing both on and off stage. I think you will get the idea when you see the photos. This event was also well attended, seems like I just saw these people down in New Braunfels an hour ago. Fortunately this event was indoors and the temperature was very comfortable, so everyone had an opportunity to cool down after the hot ride. Calaveras was serving chicken fajita plates, again with all the fixings’. Since we just ate, we bought two place to take home for dinner. We heard there was a bikini bike wash, but not being on our bikes, we didn’t partake. Enjoy the pictures;