After church, Debbie and I headed off to the COC&I Meeting at Texas Mist, but on the way we notices a small entrepreneur and her mother on the corner selling lemonade. Well, being a hot day, we could hardly pass them up, so we stopped and purchased a couple of glasses of their tasty beverage to enjoy on our drive down to Texas Mist. Definitely refreshing!

Once we arrived at the Mist, we saw that Wes and troop were setup to provide the famous, but now rebadged “Defender Dogs” to all those in need of some lunch time sustenance. There was no chili on the menu this time, but Wes had fire grilled some Hatch Peppers to spice things up a bit. And spice things up they did. Debbie and I enjoyed them, but they definitely had some kick!

The meeting itself was well attended, and we heard about the red light bill being prepared for the 2015 session, about NCOM in November, and several other things going on in preparation for Legislative day next January.