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I had two activities this evening, first up was our new Life Riders chapter meeting at IHOP. We had alight attendance, but a good meeting. We shared stories about what happened at the ROT Rally, and other events, and the Banana Brioche pancake like thingies I had for dinner were wonderful. Here are a few shots;

Second activity of the evening was the bike night, next door at the Brick House Tavern. A bunch of my TMRA2 friends are now meeting there on the first Thursday, same night as out chapter meeting, so it is easy to stop in and enjoy some time with friend and some great music. Seems like everyone is walking around with cigars, but I haven’t quite figured all that out yet. I’m sure they explained it to me, but I don’t always retain everything. I do know it was also a benefit for a good cause. Anyway, here are some pics;