We had the June meeting of COC&I at Texas Mist today. I arrived early to give moral support to Wes and Woody as the were setting up the Freedom Dog tent. Humorously, the owner of Texas Mist came out with a toilet that he dumped in the trash bin, but not before I was able to get a picture for posterity. It seems it got broken somehow yesterday, and he wanted to get it replaced before our meeting today.  Fortunately with some borrowed wrenches, (you “would” think a couple of hundred bikers would have some wrenches) he was able to accomplish the feat and the meeting went on a planned. We heard from the usual parties, including some talk about the Save The Patch campaign. I expect to be publishing an article tomorrow on Save The Patch, so stay tuned. The meeting went very well, and I closed in prayer as Frank the COC&I chaplain wasn’t able to attend.


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