CMA was asked to come out and do bike blessings for this group ride out to J. Lorraine Ghost Town in Manor. Debbie and i arrived early, but a lot of people had already shown up for the ride. We walked around and were privileged to personally bless around 25 out of the several hundred bike present, before the group was called together for instructions about the ride. It was an escorted ride, with police from Austin, Round Rock and possibly other local cities leading the ride. I wasn’t expecting to be giving the closing prayer and group bike blessing before the actual ride started, but somehow I ended up in front doing just that. Debbie and I were in fact on the bikes today, for the second time this weekend. However, we didn’t gel up to riding out to Manor, so we hung back and took more pictures and waited for the group to leave, then we actually got to bless a couple more people that arrived late. All in all, we very much enjoyed our part of the beginning of the event and I pray the ride went really well too.