Debbie’s FXR nees a new air filter, seems the one she has managed to get the center screw hole stripped, so we headed up to Hog Alley on the bikes. Of course the only reasonable way to get there was up IH35. The trip was relatively uneventful if you don’t count the moment where a car tried to change lanes into Debbie as she was passing them. Fortunately they saw here, if a bit late, and swerved back in their own lane. I’m sure Debbie mades some unpleasant noises inside her helmet, but we went on, arriving with no further heart attacks. Our friend Lisa was working today, so we talked to her for a bit, ordered he part we needed, and headed over to Hardtails for some lunch. On the way in, we saw this older gentleman drive in on a Mustang. No not the car, the Mustang motorcycle circa 1961. It was really in nice condition, and given that my bike seems to be getting too heavy lately, the small size of the Mustang looked pretty attractive. We talked to the owner for a minute and then headed in for a burger. Debbie decided to have breakfast, but I went for the Chili Burger. Wow that was good.