We had out June chapter meeting for New Life Riders at our usual location, IHOP. Our long time waiter Tim is back healthy again, and came to visit us tonight with their son Lee. Lee didn’t stay long, but it was great to se him walking, he is certainly making great progress.  Tabitha was out server this evening, and she did a great job, though I think we might have run her ragged. We had a full house, so there were lots of orders to handle, which she did with aplomb. We heard several stories about the recent Wild Hogs run, and how a certain member got left behind one evening at dinner. Hmm, Debbie seems to remember that happening to her some years ago. Well, all is well, but Don did manage to earn the Binky. There was of course talk about the ROT Rally coming up next week, and we are all hoping it won’t be too hot. And finally, the IHOP manager came in holding a plate of really fancy pancakes, and when Debbie saw her, she said “who are those for”? The manager looked at her and said “this is your lucky day, they are for you”. Debbie said, OK! After she got the pancakes though, she wondered if someone had ordered them, but we checked and no one did, so Debbie just carried them around and shared with the group, taking home what was left of course. Another great evening.