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We had our Bug Run today up in Georgetown at Burger University. The Bug run is our only fund raiser for CMA’s Run For the Son with is CMA’s annual event to raise money for spreading the Gospel to the world. This is the third year we have our on the Bug Run, and this year it went really well. We had lots of rider come out for the run, and great participation from the local motorcycle clubs. I think we had around 50 participants, and everyone was very generous. Thank you all so much. We had a bit of excitement in the afternoon, one of our members notices some smoke coming up from the ground near the wall of the bank across the street. he went over to see what was going on and found a smoke coming from the flower bed beside the bank. He tried to stamp it out, but wasn’t able to get it to go out completely, so someone called in the fire department, and as you can see they made short work of the problem.  Later Honor Bound came back from the run and we all got together as Christian Unity and prayed for the city of Georgetown. Finally at 4pm, we finished the judging and declared our two winners. They each had managed to hit a bug and get it to land less than 1/4 inch from the center of the target.  Good Shooting!