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Tonight was bike night at the Roadhouse in Round Rock, and in addition, Mini-me was collecting good used books for the cancer treatment centers in the Austin area. We had pretty good attendance this evening, either because everyone just wanted to get out of the house and enjoy the great weather we are having, or more likely it was to bring books for the benefit. Either way the Roadhouse was full up. While we were there, Debbie thought to check with the management to see if it would be all right to put up a Share the Road sign. They were good with it, so we walked up and put one by the street near their main sign. Another exciting thing that happened was that there was a train parked outside the Roadhouse, waiting for the signal to proceed, and when we started taking pictures of the engine, one of the engineers came out to talk. After a bit, Debbie asked if it might be possible to see inside the control cabin, and to our surprise he allowed it for a couple of minutes. Debbie was ecstatic as you might imagine. All in all a great evening.