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CMA has one benefit a year, and it is called “Run for the Son”. During the year, each chapter raises money that will go toward Run for the Son. Here is a link to the CMA nationals web page on Run For the Son; http://www.cmausa.org/run-for-the-son/

This year (like last year), New Life Riders will have our Bug Run in two weeks at Burger University in Georgetown, and of course we hope y’all will join us. I have included the flyer after the photos.

So, today each CMA chapter does a 100 mile run “for the Son”, and we “ran” to Fredericksburg to the city park there. A noon, we all pray for a few minutes, then ride to have lunch at the great restraints in the area. This year, our chapter headed to Alamo Springs Cafe for lunch. Debbie and i, being in th car, as has become our norm lately, decided to eat locally and do some shopping. you know us, shot till we drop, kind of people 🙂 Anyway as everyone else was heading off to Alamo Springs Cafe, we stopped at Fredericksburg german restaurant for some German pancakes with bacon and sausage, and Debbie taught the waitress how to make syrup out of lemons and powdered sugar. Yum! After that, we found a place to park the car, and walked around a bit. Our next to the last stop was at a roadside vendor selling pinwheels. Debbie saw them on the way in, and so on the way out we stopped. Pretty neat yard art actually, so yes, we did end up buying a couple of spinners. Our last stop (no photos, so it didn’t really happen) was Dairy Queen. I love Banana Splits 🙂

Debbie also took some photos, and here are her best shots;

And finally, here is the Bug Run Flyer.