Debbie and I headed out to the Red Rock area to visit a church where a friend of ours preaches. On the way I saw this neat Don’t Litter sign in the middle of a bunch of Paint Brush, so I had to stop and take a picture before heading further down the road to the church.  The church looks like a converted house, but it must have been a big house, cause there was plenty of seating for the 50-75 people in the service. Everyone was very friendly, the music was wonderful (we knew all the songs) and our friend gave a great sermon. Afterword, we were talking to A CMA member from that area and she mentioned that there was a huge Blue Bonnet field not far down the road. We got directions and headed out to see for ourselves. Turns out, it is around 30 acres or so, which makes for a very big Blue Bonnet field. The field is circled with barb wire, but someone graciously put in a pool ladder over the fence near a small parking lot. I was happy to climb the ladder, but Debbie decided to go through the gate 🙂 We had lots of fun taking pictures, along with about a dozen other people that visited while we were there. Finally it was time to head home, and a welcome nap on the way back while Debbie drove.