I heard a sermon Sunday on Galatians 6:11-18. It seems that some of the Christian leaders of the time were trying to get bragging rights over new christians by making all the new believers get circumcised. Something like; “I got fifteen believers circumcised, see how great I am”.

But, Paul tells us in these verses that it doesn’t matter whether you get circumcised or not, when you accept Jesus as your saviour. What matters is only one thing, and that is the New Creation that you are. Our pastor used this as a way of letting us know what God desires of us as new creations.

It turns out that God’s mission for us is pretty simple, He just wants us to listen to Him, and trust Him when He whispers softly in our ear “would you do this for me?”. You know what I mean, the thoughts you get in your head, just before the argument ensues about why you don’t want to do that very thing.

Ok, let me give you an example. I’m driving to church yesterday morning, and as I am about to drive past a gas station, I hear this voice in my head that says “you should get some gas”. I look at my gas gauge which is still one third full, and I say in my head “I don’t need any gas”.

Then the light bulb goes on, and I think maybe God wants me to do something. So, I make the turn, and then I wonder how God is going to work this out so I need to go inside, since I normally just get gas at the pump, and I never go inside. I pull up to the pump, I get out and I put my card in and the pump says debit or credit? I select debit like I always do, and wait for the machine to approve the card. I wait, and I wait, and I wait. Eventually the pump says “no network, try again”.

So now I see how God is going to make me go inside. I pick up a copy of my book, and walk into the store. I talk to the lady, and she knows about the problem and assures me that I just need to use credit. I say ok, by the way I have a gift for you. I am chaplain to the local biker community, and I would like to give you a copy of a book I wrote called Moments. She takes the book, and I explain a bit more. As I am walking out, she calls to me, “hey”, I turn back, and she give me a thumbs up and says “thanks”. I say, you are very welcome.

You see, it’s all about the new creation, and listening to the God’s voice when He suggests some simple thing for you to do or say. I also find that It helps if you don’t argue too long with the suggestion and miss the opportunity. Believe me I have missed plenty of opportunities, but my hearts desire is to listen first and argue less. I think it helps, how about you.