We had a Biker Sunday at Leander Assembly Of God today, and we definitely had a great service. I didn’t get the name of the Praise Band, but they got us all warmed up with a bunch of songs that I knew, which was wonderful. Later, Robin gave us a song that was beautiful, and then the scary part, I was first up of the three chaplains to give a short message. I’m not sure mine was all that short, but I said what God gave me to say (see that message a couple of entries earlier in the blog). Then each of the other chaplains gave their messages, and amazing as God is, we all dove tailed together into one sermon. The topic ended up being “Let Go and Let God, trust in His promises, and don’t be afraid, just speak the truth”. Here are the pictures, none of me of course, but I will post one of me later if anyone sends me one. Oh, and I gave away about a dozen of my books.  Enjoy!