Janice organized a ride this month to Wimberley for lunch, then on to Devil’s Backbone. We met at our usual location (Rudy’s over near Duval), and headed out via back roads to Wimberley. It was interesting after we got to Wimberley to find parking, but we managed after wandering around for a few minutes. Turns out there was a public parking lot a block or so over that has plenty of space. Then I walked to Country Corner Cafe, and enjoyed one of their wonderful burgers. I can’t say it was cheap, but I can say it was REALLY GOOD! So I guess I got what I paid for. The service was good too, which is always nice. After lunch, most of the group headed off to Devil’s Backbone, and a couple other people and I headed back to Austin. I tell yah, this getting old thing su.. (isn’t for sissys). A measly hundred mile ride and I’m ready to head home. Well, 100 miles round trip, and only about 50 miles to Wimberley.