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Well, we have moved our monthly meeting from IHOP to Palvos, just around the corner from my house in Wells Branch at the south end of Bratten Lane. I actually walked to the meeting. Debbie and i have been to Palvos several times, and we like their Fajitas a lot, so with Debbie visiting her mother in California, I ordered the fajitas and brought half of it home for dinner tomorrow night. I can only say, it is THAT good. As for the meeting, it went fine, though there was little, legislatively wise, to talk about. We did spend some useful time talking about an motorcycling information card we are working on to talk about motorcycle related subjects like how do you get a pothole fixed, or how do you go about getting a traffic signal corrected when it doesn’t trip for your bike when you want to turn left and just sit, and sit. We will be posting answers to these and other questions on the TMRA2 Facebook page at;


Take a look, and join us.